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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Boo's Recipe

Boo’s recipe is one of my ultimate favorite cake shop. I was surfing the net because I was planning to buy a cake for an event  last year until I saw this cake. I look for the location of the shop and then I saw that it was an online cake shop on Facebook. Unfortunately I need to buy the cake for tomorrow’s event so I wasn’t able to order from boo’s recipe. So why do I love boo’s recipe? It is because they use chocolates to design the cake and I love chocolates! I also love their matchless cake designs and I told you earlier that I love elegant stuffs and I can say that cakes from boo’s recipe is one of them. Their cakes are enchanting.  I love boo’s recipe! I will surely order a cake on February, my 21st birthday. 

The banner is so elegant! I love it!

Statement cupcakes of  Boo's. Super cute!
 Here's my preferred cake from Boo's! I love it because the chocolates used are twix and kisses, which are ones of my favorite chocolates. I also loved reese chocolates by the way.
 Boo's packaging!

Boo's cakes! 
 If You are interested, Contact Boo's recipe....

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Home made pastries, bites and chococoated cakes :) 

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