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Friday, September 28, 2012


Okay, so this is my second article about Papemelroti. Anyhow, Papemelroti products are the best! Papemelroti is a specialty shop which carries a wide variety of gifts and decorative accessories. Why is that? Hmmm, first because it is made of recycled paper and I am so aware about the environment harms so I would choose to buy Eco-friendly products, second because their products looks sophisticatedly vintage, third because I prefer to use papers than plastics, fourth because I’m into scrap booking and last because I just love papemelroti  products! Every year I bought papemelroti planner for keeping my schedules. It’s very handy and accommodating as it will always keep your deadlines and agendas. i highly recommend Papemelroti because it can help the country and our environment. Actually Papemelroti is one of my comfort zones and also one of my favorite stores! They have all your paper needs like boxes, planners, papers, notebooks, scrap-booking materials and etc. they also have accessories and furnitures and fixtures. I want to have it all!

This cute owl is my favorite! SO CUTE!

Paper products made from 100% recycled materials

Papemelroti accesories

My Papemelroti scrap book. It is already full though. Sorry for the low quality camera

My cute planners. Since 2010

My today's advice. Trust me! It is so FUN!

Come visit their website at

Today, papemelroti has evolved into a chain of gift shops that has touched countless lives through its unique product lines. Our products reflect values and themes which are important to us - a commitment to and love of God, family, home, country and the environment. Through years of designing, manufacturing and retailing, papemelroti has become a popular name in the Philippines’ gift and decorative accessories industry.

They have a wide selection of gifts and home decor - originally designed products with family values and inspirational, Christian themes; environment-friendly recycled stationery products; novelties; figurines; country furniture and more! Manufacturer, wholesaler, retailer, exporter

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