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Thursday, September 13, 2012

RP Online Shop

I am fascinated by Korean clothing and RP Online Shop provided all my wants! I love RP Online products specially the women’s dresses, blouses and shoes. The clothing was made of good quality materials because I bought a dress on RP Online Shop that I used on a very important occasion and my friends were telling me that they love the dress! They said it looks so expensive but NO! Their prices are affordable and it is worth buying. I love the styles and designs of their clothing. It looks so sophisticated and very stylish.  I love RP Online so much!
So why do I love RP Online Shop? It is because they were selling high quality and very affordable products. Their designs and styles are unique and I think I will not fin RP Online products to other stores. The dress I bought looks new until this day. It is one of my favorite dresses. 

I have these and it looks so unique! I love it!

 Below is an example of their shoes! Visit their websites and check out their products!
Here are information of RP Online Shop! 

Payment Methods Accepted:
- Globe GCash
- PayPal / Credit Card
- Unionbank


Great-quality items at very affordable prices! FREE SHIPPING NATIONWIDE for a minimum purchase of 3 items.
RP Online Shop offers great-quality products for women.

Customer satisfaction guaranteed. We accept returns & exchanges.

We ship worldwide.
General Information
RP Online Shop was established in May 2007. The shop became idle for quite some time and has just re-opened in June 2010.

Basic Info

May 2007

Women's clothing, accessories, bags, shoes, wigs

Contact Info

Text: 09065538187, Call: (02)9516561



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