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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Thank you EGG!

Today I went to EGG (Exciting Gifts and Goodies) SM Megamall branch to pick up my gifts as a token of their appreciation to my article about mu oh-so love EGG products. I wasn’t expecting a lot! I thought it will be just a cute EGG stuffs but I was so wrong! I was so super kaduper maximum turbo surprised when I saw the gifts! I never expected that it would be something that will overthrow me. So to cut my overwhelming feeling short – EGG gave me Mercia pouch bag, Chalijah wallet ( my dream wallet since last year! Actually I can’t buy that wallet because I don’t use them, I just collect them) and last is the Bethany Sling bag ( I was like wooooAAAAHhhh! It was a MOD bag which means modern one new line of bags! I’m so thankful to you EGG. My little dreams came true. I feel so important EGG. Thank you very much! Thank you for your gratitude! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you so much EGG! I will always love your products. Maybe sometime I will write about my EGG collection. Thank you EGG! I love you!

My sincere gratefulness,

Iah Marie Evangelista

EGG huge paper bag! I love it! Reusable!

 Chalijah wallet

 Mercia pouch bag
 Bethany Sling bag

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