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Saturday, February 26, 2011

business plan - Guide to Major Assumptions and Future Plan of Actions

Major Assumptions and Future Plan of Actions

Marketing Plan

Is there a plan to:

1. Add product line/s. Effective when?

2. Expand the target market

3. Increase/decrease of selling price

4. Change of location

5. Change the store design

6. Change of Channels of Distribution

7. Open the business for franchising

Technical Plan

Is there a plan to:

1. Change the operations design? Effective when?

  • From manual to computerize
  • From full processing to subcontracting of some parts of the process

2. Change the operating time or hours of operations? Effective when?

  • From half-day to whole-day operations or vice versa
  • From non-shifting to shifting of schedules

3. Increase/decrease capacity or schedule or output? Effective when?

Organization and Management Plan

1. If the group is currently not hiring any employee/staff/crew, when will the group start to hire its employee?

2. If there is no plan to hire

  • What is the proposed compensation plan for the owner-employee?
  • What will be the schedule? Whole day, half-day or shifting?

3. If employee will be hired, when, how many and what will be the proposed compensation package?

4. Is there a plan to change/transfer location? Effective when?

  • Just for rental, or sharing of space, or owned

5. Is there a plan to invite additional investors?

Financial Plan

1. Is there a plan to infuse/add additional fund. When? How?

2. If currently selling o a cash basis only, is there a plan to sell on credit? When?

3. Will there be plan for major purchases or investments? When? How?

Friday, February 25, 2011

victoria's secret and loreal

Mama bought two Victoria’s Secret perfume, the delicate petals and the amber romance. It is a refreshing body mist that is refreshing with fragrance from a secret garden, infused with moisturizing aloe Vera and calming chamomile that is mist over body after shower or bath for delicately scented skin. She also bought two Loreal lipsticks Colour Riche. The color of mine is red and hers is pink with shining glitters. She doesn’t like the color of what she chose that is why I’m using it now.


There is only one company that supplies electricity here in the Philippines and that is MERALCO (may liwanag ang buhay). Last night there is a patrol car announcing in our street that there will be a black out tomorrow around 10am to 2pm because MERALCO is adding a transformer to all the electricity post here in our street. I woke up around 1030 because the electricity went off. When I look at the window of my room, I saw these men adding transformers to the post that is near our house about two houses away from ours. They don’t have harness when they climb the post. They saw me and they wave their hands saying hi, I just smiled at them.


Dyann, my BSA college friend passed the comprehensive exam for the Accountancy students. The comprehensive exam is made for the 3rd year BSA students. They need to pass it in order to proceed until fifth year without the required grade policy of the accounting subjects. Once you fail the comprehensive exam, you cannot go on as BSA student, you have to shift courses or just continue it to another school. We’re so proud of Dyann. She treated us at Cabalen near their house (Sta. Lucia Grand Mall). Gosh! It’s so far from our school and I can’t imagine how Dyann is taking that every day. The transportation is expensive because we have to ride an LRT going to the last station and we are on the first then we took FX going to the mall. It is so expensive if you do it five times a week.

Saturday, February 5, 2011


I took pictures of the chocolates I made. It is supposed to be for selling purposes but mama kept it in the refrigerator for a long time so my brother and I decide to eat it until it’s all gone. I made all of that but I am not happy with t because I was force to do it little by little and it is so hard for me to measure the chocolates I poured in so it went not so good looking. It has many defects. I will try to make again next time. I will try harder to improve it. I will not waste it again. I will make a lot for giveaways to my friends. I will share to them my masterpiece (hahaha). By the way, the red one tastes better than the white and the brown for me.