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Saturday, February 26, 2011

business plan - Guide to Major Assumptions and Future Plan of Actions

Major Assumptions and Future Plan of Actions

Marketing Plan

Is there a plan to:

1. Add product line/s. Effective when?

2. Expand the target market

3. Increase/decrease of selling price

4. Change of location

5. Change the store design

6. Change of Channels of Distribution

7. Open the business for franchising

Technical Plan

Is there a plan to:

1. Change the operations design? Effective when?

  • From manual to computerize
  • From full processing to subcontracting of some parts of the process

2. Change the operating time or hours of operations? Effective when?

  • From half-day to whole-day operations or vice versa
  • From non-shifting to shifting of schedules

3. Increase/decrease capacity or schedule or output? Effective when?

Organization and Management Plan

1. If the group is currently not hiring any employee/staff/crew, when will the group start to hire its employee?

2. If there is no plan to hire

  • What is the proposed compensation plan for the owner-employee?
  • What will be the schedule? Whole day, half-day or shifting?

3. If employee will be hired, when, how many and what will be the proposed compensation package?

4. Is there a plan to change/transfer location? Effective when?

  • Just for rental, or sharing of space, or owned

5. Is there a plan to invite additional investors?

Financial Plan

1. Is there a plan to infuse/add additional fund. When? How?

2. If currently selling o a cash basis only, is there a plan to sell on credit? When?

3. Will there be plan for major purchases or investments? When? How?

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