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Sunday, May 15, 2011

pie crust

two crust

one crust

Honestly, I’ve never tried cooking any recipe but sometimes I read recipes that caught my attention. I am going to share about what I learned today. It is about pies and pastry making. I learned that there are two types of pies: the one crust pie and the two crust pie.

The one crust pie is lining a pan pie with a thin layer of pastry dough and then bake. A cooked filling is poured into the shell and cooled. Sometimes, the feeing can be topped with meringue or whipped cream if desired. There is another way, it is to pour uncooked filling in the unbaked shell and bake them together. Another variation is to place the unbaked pastry dough on top of cooked or uncooked fruits, vegetables or meats in a deep dish instead of serving as a lining and then they are all baked together.

The two crust pie I when a thin layer of pastry dough which serves as the lining is filled up with a filling of one’s choice and covered with another thin layer of pastry dough which is sealed and fluted at the edge and baked.


  1. I like pies, specially tuna pie. The crust is as important as the filling itself; although, I am leaning towards the bite size pies, though.

  2. Wow. dalawa pala klase ng pie; gusto ko yung one crust pra manipis lang ang dough then maraming filling.

    Nice post Iah.:-)

  3. i have never tried cooking this kind of recipe too.. But I do love to cook.. especially the pasta :D

  4. wow, mukahang masarap yan ah.. pahingi ako..

    tsaka exchanged link tayo ha... thnx