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Monday, April 11, 2011

crispy kang kong

This is crispy kang kong of mang inasal. I used to hate it a lot because I was thinking that it tastes like leaves but then my fiend bought some and let me taste it. I was wrong, it taste like Lays or some kind of potato chips. After that day, whenever we eat at mang inasal I make sure that we order some. I like it now. It was served with mayonnaise but I don’t like mayonnaise (hihihi).


  1. i love crispy kangkong! my favorite restuarant, dencio's has it =) yummy! <333

  2. looks cool! I bet it taste nice :)

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  4. i love crispy kangkong, i don't eat much veggies but i do enjoy having this one, because as you put it, they're like chips! parang junk food lang din hihi :)