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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

last christmas


Christmas Shopping day! Well, every year around December before Christmas, we go shopping for new clothes, shoes, etc. December is my favorite month and January is my most hated month. Anyway, it was so hard for me to choose what to buy but I ended up buying one JAG t shirt, 1 Von Dutch t-shirt, 1 Hot Kiss skinny pants and a slipper from Toeberries. My brother, Maron bought 3 t-shirts from Von Dutch and 1 JAG t-shirt. There are many shoppers and I didn’t enjoy that much. I was planning to buy a bolero but I can’t find a nice one. I am not being materialistic that much but what I notice is that branded things last long while the not branded last just for a month and even worse when it last for a week. I always experience that. I am not a shopaholic girl. I go shopping with my family every December only. Sorry, i forgot to take pictures..

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