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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

example of business description



LA IMPRESIONAR BARO ENTERPRISE is a place where all people are very much welcome to buy an extraordinary couple and friendship T-shirts. This company will provide high quality products that combine performance and valued prices that are distinct from other competing products.

LA IMPRESIONAR is a Spanish word meaning “The Impress”, while the word BARO is simply a word comes somewhere in the province of the Philippines which means “Clothe”. The group has chosen this kind of name because they wanted it to be different in some ways. This name was formulated by the members of the group with their intention to give a big bang in the market because it was never been heard. This company name also wants to show how creative and devoted the employees are with respect to their work.

LA IMPRESIONAR BARO ENTERPRISE will be located within the University of the East Manila Campus, at the 3rd floor of SFC Building Entrepreneurial Venture (EV) room 2219 Claro M. Recto Avenue, Manila, Philippines.

This company is a partnership type of business with seven (7) partners liable to the extent of their personal belongings including capital contribution. The Net Profits shall be equally divided to the partners and the losses that will be incurred shall be automatically be borne by the partners.

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