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Friday, May 21, 2010

I'm me

I was browsing my USB until I saw one of the article I composed when I was first year high school. I burst out laughing because the grammar is so much more like a child's article...

I’m me!!
By: Iah Marie C. Evangelista

I am a girl who doesn’t want to be restrained.
A peculiar girl who has her own small world.
A girl who wants to be in a home where she can contemplate and unwind her weary and howling being.
A girl who desires harmony and immaculate adjacent.

A young lady who can’t damage other people.
A girl who sobs when she can’t compel herself to do something that is against her thoughts and nature.
A girl who can repress her secrets by herself.
A girl who can’t miked up others because of her hitches.

A girl who has a core that constantly cares for other people.
A girl who continuously clothes herself with an unsullied and serene color to notify people that she is herself.
A girl who can’t dissipate her pessimistic belief to gratify people.
A girl who chooses to be wounded than to miffed her fellow student.
A girl who loves her friends and family.

A girl who’s always demanding for reconciliation to have a perceptive spirit.
A girl with ripe notions.
A girl who has her own disposition.
A young lady who is a bit bizarre but at all times silent.

I am writing this poem to portray my real character.
For now, I’m the only one who can assess myself but I know that I can’t direct other people to stop criticizing me because they have their own motive.
But wait, so far so good, there’s no individual who dispute with me because of my qualities.

They treat me like a “rani”. They’re expecting too much from me which puts hassle in my strain and frustrated brain.
By the way, there’s further more but I’ll let you strive for it.
This is the last part but not yet over.
All I can state is that I’m the only Iah Marie C. Evangelista in this world.

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