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Friday, May 28, 2010


Joel arrived here in Mandaluyong Sunday Morning. I was so excited that I didn’t sleep the whole night and the funny thing is I slept in the morning when he was already here. He was so pissed of because we planned to meet when he arrived. Fortunately, I was in the mood to apologize so it turned out very well. Here are the happenings…

May 23, 2010(Sunday)

We meet in the afternoon to have a nice and peaceful day with him. We talk and talk and talk and then we eat and then we bought ice cream and then he gave me a long motor ride (this is always been my favorite part when I’m with him).

May 24, 2010

I went shopping with him at SM Megamall. I didn’t expect that we will be meeting this day because he said that he will be going to MOA with his family. We have our lunch at KFC (his favorite fast-food restaurant) and then we headed to St. Francis because I need to buy closed shoes and he also need to buy rubber shoes. After buying, we go back to SM to buy his school bag at Bench. He was so choosy that it took him a lot of time to choose so I got irritated that I ended up his VERY VERY VERY big problem on choosing a bag as I take the bag that I really wanted for him. He didn’t say a thing anymore and agreed on it already. After that, we ate again but this time at my favorite fast-food restaurant, MCDO. It was his entire treat. He bought me chocolates because he didn’t give me pasalubong from Vigan.

May 25. 2010

OUR WAR DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We meet in the afternoon but it took only 1 hour because of my mood swing. He was very mad at me and I admit that it was my fault, good thing he accepted my apology.

May 26, 2010

It was our enrollment day. I finished enrolling 10:30. He asked me to go to SM Manila to wait for him. He arrived around 12 noon. We ate at Kenny Rogers and it was his treat again. After lunch, we stroll the mall and he bought me a Penshoppe cologne and Piknik. I think he was just making up to me because he left me for two months (hahahaha,, I love it when he treats me). Before going home, we went to Hyper Super market to have a light snack. He bought me Zagu and siomai at Henlin.

May 27, 2010

He will be going back to Ilocos Sur because he can’t stand her aunt. He will go back before June 15. We went to Greenhills because he bought a brand new phone. He ended up buying Nokia 5233. It was the model that I really want. I told him to buy it because it was a brand new phone from Nokia with 1 year warranty at Nokia center. I was so envious(HUHUHUHU). We also bought a wedding ring for his mom and dad, a bracelet for his brother and slippers for his cousin. He left in the evening. T.T

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