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Thursday, August 30, 2012

cruela devil

I have been thinking about lately about issues that went up to me last year.  It is an issue that suddenly burst out and boom! The story is this; I was so busy in school maintaining my scholarship, so busy that I don’t have time with anything that can hinder my concentration, during the time there was an issue that I really don’t know anything about was being created without my notice. An angel(let’s just call her that) said to me that I was being stabbed at my back and that angel protected me.  She said that there were three people who hated me so much, the gumshoe (it seems like a shadow because it was always controlled like a puppet), the shemale (it seems like a bi, cannot determine the gender, man at sight, women in deed) and then the cruela (a boast one, a material nana). The three of them are the antagonist in my existence. I am a person who did not make any strong combat until the three came. They stabbed me in the back and I, not knowing anything just shut up and let the enemies attack! It is true that we cannot please everybody even though you did not do anything to them. During the issue, I became strong and then God let me know the people being true to me ever since.

I think I would be the only one who can understand this story. I just want to let it out. =D

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