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Sunday, June 14, 2015

Exciting Gifts and Goodies

I went shopping today and then I saw EGG's stall and then this happen.

I love EGG( Exciting Gifts and Goodies) products since highschool because of its durability and sophistication. I like the fact that their products are pleasing to the eyes. Whenever i stop by their stall, it is automatic that I'll have something to take home. By the way I bought all these for my love ones. They usually use pastel colors that's why it's pleasing to the eyes. Thanks EGG for your cute wallets and bags. I love everything in your stall. I hope I could buy them all. I'm just a little sad that the EGG store located at Megamall is not there anymore because it used to be my comfort zone. Anyway there are still EGG stalls at SM Megamall so no need for me to worry.