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Monday, April 9, 2012


There are three pretty ladies that I cannot live without. My bestfriend, Irene Corpus Estanislao, my dagita, Czarie Ann Reyes Cruzado and my cheese, Archieval Vica Magsisi Caluya. They were the people who remained guiding and protecting me during the dimmest time of my life. Out of m so many called friends, they were the ones who did not even ask for my explanation. They were the oh-so-called the TRUE ones. I learned that it does not matter that you have so many friends but what is important is that is there any of them who will remain when everybody goes out. I was very shock to know that they were the ones who remain so true. The rest went out because they were bogus (hahaha). I thank God that I have this three pretty women in my life. I asked God to give me just one person who will remain so true to me the rest of my life and He gave me this three. I am so blessed because the antagonists in my life were misfortune, they do not have any TRUE friends left to be with them (such a shame). Thank you God! I love you!