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Sunday, December 23, 2012


I have another favorite store that I would like all of you to know. The store is named Get Laud. I love their clothing! I bought my graduation dress here and I love almost all of their dresses. I fitted so many of their dresses and I like to buy all of them but I chose to my green dress because of its elegant look. I love the fabric/material that they use in their dresses. I love the store because the dress is good and very affordable compared to store that uses the same kind of material but so expensive. For your information, Get Laud is offering clothes that are made in the Philippines and I assume that it is very durable as it is made by a Filipino. 

According to their Corporate Overview, GET LAUD was awarded with "Marketing Excellence" Award for 2010 and the "Most Promising Retailer" Award for 2007 from Ayala Malls (Market Market) Consecutively, in 2005 - 2006, GET LAUD! received the Seal of Excellence Award as the "BEST SPANDEX APPAREL RETAIL STORE" awarded by the National Shopper’s Association of the Philippines and by the National Shopper’s Choice Awards. 

It is just that I am happy about this store because of their elegant and unique designs made by a Filipino. I am happy with my dress I bought here in Get Laud so if you guys are looking for something formal then they have what you are looking for. Just visit their facebook account to learn more about them

Friday, December 21, 2012

Cutey's Charm Bracelets

I was browsing online stores this morning until I found out about these cute bracelets from cutey. I found their online store in facebook and I was really mesmerized by their bracelet. Gosh! It is really very pretty and I really wanted to have one. It looks very durable because of the stainless steel I think. I learned that it was founded last 2011 and their product is amazing. Their bracelets are charm bracelets and it looks pretty when worn because of the elegant design. I like the simplicity of the bracelets and I cannot stop thinking about it. I showed it to my friends and they also loved it.

Here is my favorite design

Here are cutey’s bracelets

If you wanted it too the visit their site